How to remove your iPhone’s SIM card in 60 seconds or less

By | November 7, 2022

If you’re moving from one iPhone to another, or if you want to move your SIM card from your old iPhone to your new iPhone, it’s pretty easy to do if you just follow this simple procedure.

Power off your iPhone

To power off your iPhone, press the power button until it turns off. To turn it back on, hold down the same button until you see an Apple logo.

Locate the SIM tray

To find the tray, insert a paper clip into the tray eject hole on the right side of the phone. Push it in until you feel a click. Then pull it out and the tray should pop out of the slot. It is important that you do not move the tray while it is still out of its slot as this can cause damage to both your SIM card and phone.

Insert the SIM eject tool

If you’re having trouble ejecting the SIM card from your iPhone, use a SIM eject tool. Simply insert the tool into the hole where the sim card is located and pop it out. Be sure to use caution when removing the chip as it can easily break.

Remove the SIM card

You can now remove the SIM card and re-insert the SIM tray.

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