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5 Signs He Likes You But Is Hiding It

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It’s frustrating when you’re clearly into a guy, but he doesn’t seem to feel the same way about you. Maybe he likes you, but he’s afraid to tell you how he feels because he thinks it would be weird since you guys are friends, or maybe he doesn’t feel the same way about you and is trying to play it cool. Either way, there are subtle signs that will let you know if that special guy really does like you even though he isn’t acting like it.

1) When he plays hard to get

Playing hard to get is a sign that he’s interested but wants to keep you guessing. Men do this because they want to see if you’ll put in the effort to pursue them. The more difficult you are, the more likely he will be to chase after you. One way of playing hard-to-get is when he keeps his distance and doesn’t initiate conversation. If he’s constantly looking away or ignoring your messages, don’t give up! Hang out with him and make sure that other girls aren’t in your face either. Remember: men like their space so make sure not to crowd him or make it seem like there are better options than being with him around every corner.

2) When he gives you random compliments

When he gives you random compliments, it’s a sign he likes you but is too shy or nervous to admit it. If you’re not sure whether or not he’s into you, ask him what he means by the compliment. For example, I love your hair. Ask him if he wants to touch it and if so, where. If he moves his hand away and won’t let you touch his hair, that could be a clue that he isn’t interested in being more than friends. When he gives you random compliments, it’s a sign he likes you but is too shy or nervous to admit it.

3) When his body language changes when you’re around

One of the most common signs that a guy likes you is when his body language changes when you’re around. When he starts to become more animated, he might be trying to catch your attention. If he’s looking at you with a grin on his face and then quickly looks away, it might be because he feels embarrassed or shy about this sudden attraction. His behaviors also change when around you; for example, if he has been touching his face in discomfort but then stops after meeting your gaze, it may be that his sudden interest in you is making him self-conscious. Other signs include increased eye contact and constantly checking out your profile pictures on social media channels. Sometimes guys will even try to make conversation with you because they want an excuse to talk to you again!

4) When he makes eye contact

When he makes eye contact, he might be trying to communicate that he likes you. Some people, though, have been conditioned from a young age not to make eye contact with others and might do it subconsciously. This means that when he does make eye contact, it’s more likely to mean he is interested in you than if he never does. He might also want to look at your eyes because they are an important part of your face and one of the first things people notice. Finally, some people might actually be self-conscious about their appearance and want to avoid looking you in the eyes because they feel insecure.

5) When he looks like he is about to say something then stops himself

When he looks like he is about to say something then stops himself, it could mean that he likes you and is afraid of rejection. Men are often afraid of letting their guard down and being vulnerable in front of women they like. This can lead to a lot of mixed signals. If this sounds like the case, don’t give up! Keep trying!

In summary, all guys are different and may display different signs of attraction other than the ones listed here. If you feel he likes you, it safe to ask him or indirectly make him open up to you. You can only be certain when he tells you!

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